Technical team

Vita Nativa’s technical team is composed of dedicated professionals who are passionate about nature conservation. With experience in various areas, we join forces to promote the protection of ecosystems and the preservation of biodiversity.

A nature lover and Master in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (studied in Algarve, Lithuania…

Degree in Biology from Instituto Superior de Agronomia and Master in Ecology and Environmental…

Corporate Bodies

The current Board of Directors of Vita Nativa was formed on 24 November 2018 and it comprises the following members:

National Board

Thijs Valkenburg | Member No. 1 | President

Liliana Barosa | Member No. 43 | Vice-President

Fábia Azevedo | Member No. 2 | Treasurer

Vita Nativa General Assembly Board 2022-2024

João Tiago Tavares | Member No. 4 | President

Alexandre Leitão | Member No. 5 | Vice-President

Diogo Amaro | Member No. 6 | Secretary

Vita Nativa Supervisory Board 2022-2024

Bruno Herlander Martins | Member No. 7 | President

Vasco Flores Cruz | Member No. 8 | Secretary

Joost Valkenburg | Member No. 13 | Vogal