Become Involved

Become Involved

Get involved with the Association and support Environmental Conservation!

Vita Nativa members are crucial part of the Association and we want you to feel close to the work we do. Thus, if you wish you can subscribe our newsletter, where we will keep you updated about news and projects that we are developing and upcoming activities. 

It is also our intention that every member present us with their ideas about projects or activities that they would like to see developed. We will consider every idea and will do everything possible to make it happen.

Join now and see for yourself the difference that you can make.

Despite being a recent association, Vita Nativa already has several ongoing projects and dynamic program of activities.

However, the budget that allow us to carry out projects is not always enough to guarantee the best management or planning of some ideas.  

Therefore, your donation can be very important, as it can help us to do more and better for the Environment.

Support Vita Nativa, support Nature Conservation and Environmental awareness.

The activities we plan go accordingly to the philosophy of the Association and the will of our members.

In addition to the environmental awareness activities we develop, within the different projects, we often present proposals for activities that aim to raise awareness of Nature and all the benefits it can bring us.

Venture out on our environmental interpretation tours, get to know our fauna and flora and enjoy the contact with Nature.

Join us and bring the family too!